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Bromley High School, GDST

Bromley High School, GDST

The School Uniform Shop is situated within the School grounds, in the Changing Room/Gym block, facing the Sport Hall. The manager is Sally Slattery and she may be contacted on  020 8295 6189 during opening hours or at

Uniform and sportswear can be purchased from the School Shop, online or orders can be placed over the telephone.  If you wish to speak with someone outside of the School Shop opening hours, please call the head office on 01753 818290.  Please note that all web orders are processed by the School Shop so when the Shop is closed, orders will take longer to process than normal.

We offer a complete personal fitting-out service for new pupils by appointment during the School holidays.  For an appointment please contact the School Uniform Shop.


Preps (Reception to Year 2) Preps (Reception to Year 2)
Hawthorns (Years 3 to 6) Hawthorns (Years 3 to 6)
Seniors (Years 7 to 11) Seniors (Years 7 to 11)


Tuesday:   8am to 12pm

Thursday:  2pm to 5pm

First Saturday of each month: 10am to 1pm

(7th Oct and 2nd Dec)

Closed Saturday 4th and Tuesday 7th November 


Open Tues 24 October 8am to 12pm

Open Thurs 26 October 2pm to 5pm

Closed Tues 31 October

Closed Thurs 2 November

Closed Sat 4 November