Measurement Form

Measurement Form


  • Please get a measuring tape, paper and pen/pencil.
  • Make sure your child removes any bulky items of clothing.
  • The measurements should be actual body measurements at this stage, please do not add “room for growth,” our advisers will help you with that later.
  • When measuring height your child should not be wearing shoes, but when measuring the inside leg shoes should be worn.

A. Height
Please ask your child to stand straight against a wall with shoes off. Make sure he or she is looking straight ahead and not leaning back, then measure from the top of the head to the floor.

B. Chest
Please ask your child to have his or her arms hanging loosely at their side then measure around the body at the fullest part (with tape close to underarms).

C. Waist
Please measure around the natural waistline (the narrowest part of the body). School uniform is designed to fit around the waist so do not be tempted to measure lower than the natural waist.

D. Inside Leg
Please ask your child to put their shoes on, then measure from the top of the inside leg (crotch) to the bottom of the leg, where you would like the trousers to end.

E. Waist to Knee
Please measure from the natural waistline to mid knee.

F. Neck
Please measure round the base of your child’s neck, placing two fingers between the measuring tape and the neck.

G. Shoe Size
This will be required for ordering socks (including sports socks), trainers or rugby boots.


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