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Westminster Under School

Westminster Under uniform is stocked at our Chiswick Store.
For help and advice, please call 020 8742 0201 or email the store.

We are pleased to have been appointed as the stockists of the sportswear from 1st June 2017.  A new sports kit is being designed and introduced so some sports garments are unavailable at present.  Parents will be informed by us and the School when these will be available to purchase on-line or in-store.    

Important Notice

Billings & Edmonds and Westminster Under School have been jointly developing a new sports kit for the past few months. To ensure all the new sports kit is of the highest technical quality, design and consistency this process has taken longer than expected. Consequently, several items of the new sports kit, such as, the games shirt, games short, games sock and sports bag will not be available until the end of August 2017. You are able to place a request for a stock alert on our website for these garments. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

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