Your Future

We believe school uniform is not disposable and the resources that underpin their production are finite. As a company we strive to ensure that our products, processes and behaviour limits our impact on the environment.

We work very closely with UK suppliers, such as David Luke, who share our commitment to more sustainable clothing.

David Luke was awarded the Queen's Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development because it had demonstrated a long-term commitment to sustainable improvements specifically through the development of eco-product school uniforms.

Billings & Edmonds has been the outfitter to Upton Court Grammar School for over 10 years. Trutex uses 36 plastic bottles in its manufacture of every Upton Court Grammar blazer and each contemporary girls’ trouser uses 19 bottles, saving those bottles from landfill every year.

For over 125 years our core ethos has been to supply quality uniform that is made to last.

This has been demonstrated by seeing Billings & Edmonds’ garments being passed to siblings or sold through second-hand uniform shops at our Schools; some of our jackets and tailcoats even passing from generation to generation.

For some Schools, we operate a re-cycling of uniform by buying back uniform from parents and re-selling the used items.

We have reduced our plastic carrier bag usage by over 55% in the last three years.

Our strong and consistent company messaging is designed to encourage our customers to re-use our carrier bags and for single item purchases, where possible, not to use a carrier bag at all.

Those plastic carrier bags which we do supply are made from recycled plastic and are designed for multiple usage. Our postal bags are made from 100% recycled plastic.

From 2021 our cardboard packing boxes and tape are made from 70% recycled materials.

Working with Eden Reforestation Projects our supplier of packaging materials plants a tree for every order placed.