International Boarders - Buying Online

It is also possible to purchase all uniform items via our website, which can then be delivered to any nominated address, including an overseas address or to the relevant boarding school, provided it is open to accept deliveries during the Summer months. Please navigate to your chosen school’s homepage where you will find the uniform list and all the required items of uniform.

Whilst we advise you ideally to visit one of our stores, if this is not possible then we can provide comprehensive advice via email or phone, prior to you purchasing items online. If requesting uniform or general advice, please email the relevant store with your queries. (Please note that most Uniform Lists for Boarding Schools contain guidance on recommended quantities of garments). If you need specific advice on which size of an item to purchase, then you will need to provide us with details of your child’s age and measurements. If you are unsure of your child’s measurements, please go to our Measurement Guide, follow the instructions there, then provide us with all the relevant measurements. Using this information we should be able to give you guidance on what size(s) we would recommend.