International Boarders - FAQs

Can I exchange my items?

Yes, as long as garments are in a saleable, unworn condition, with tags attached, we are happy to exchange for a different size. Please ensure you bring your receipt with you when you come to one of our store to exchange items. You can also exchange items via the post. Please see our full returns policy here.

Can I exchange marked items?

We strongly recommend that all garments are tried on prior to marking, as we usually do not refund or exchange a garment that has had a name tape sewn onto it, even if the size of the garment proves to be the incorrect size. However, for some unworn garments, we may be able to unpick the name tape (at a charge) and if the garment is undamaged and unblemished after the tape has been removed, we may, at our discretion, be able to refund or exchange it.

Can orders be delivered to the school?

Yes, we are able to deliver you order to any nominated address. However when requesting delivery to school outside of term times, please contact your school to ensure there will be someone available to accept the order.

Can the school mark my items?

Please contact your school for details of their individual marking policies.

Can you mark any garments not purchased at Billings & Edmonds?

We are able to mark garments purchased elsewhere, but this service will cost more than for B&E purchased items.

Can you mark items for my child going forward?

Yes, we are able to retain your child’s name tapes in store for this purpose. You (or the matron at your child’s school) can then contact us at a later date to request further marking services.

How long does it take to mark a full kit out?

It usually takes 1-2 weeks to sew name tapes onto all the uniform and sports garments required for a new child joining a school. However, during the busy Summer period, we would allow 2-3 weeks for a full kit out to be marked, from the point at which the name tapes are available. Please note that during the summer, name tapes can also take up to 2 weeks to be produced from the date of ordering the tapes.

Can I use name tapes I already have?

Yes, as long as they match the requirements of your new school you will be able to use existing name tapes.

Please note that in the case of Eton College and Harrow School, the boy’s laundry number must be included on name tapes, so you will be unable to use existing name tapes that do not include this information.

What happens to my unused name tapes?

Once all items have been marked, any unused name tapes will be placed with the uniform and sportswear that has been marked, so they will be in the box or the bag which is being collected or posted. However, you may request that, Billings & Edmonds retain all or some of the unused name tapes to be held in store for the future marking of uniform and sportswear which is purchased at a later time. Alternatively, you may request that we post unused name tapes to your home (or other) address or be sent to the school matron, for future use.

Is my child allowed a tuck box?

Please contact your school for details of their individual policies regarding tuck boxes.

What if my child loses his tuck box key?

Each tuck box is sold with two keys and most schools require one of the keys to be given to the School Matron at the start of the September Term.  In any event, Billings & Edmonds do sell spare keys for the tuck boxes.

How do we open the tuck box?

The tuck boxes which Billings & Edmonds sell are “flip locks”. The flip lock when pushed shut, will stay closed without the use of the key. The tuck box should arrive like this* with your keys and your instructions stored inside. The round release lock button slides horizontally by 1/4" to open the lock. The release button can be rotated 90 degrees (the lugs on the round release lock button twisting from vertical to horizontal alignment) this holds the box locked without the use of the key. There are brass clasps on either side of the round release lock button which also need to be released to open the box.

*Please note: Occasionally a tuck box will arrive with the round release lock button in the locked position (lugs in the horizontal position) - rotate it to the vertical position and slide to the side to release.