International Boarders - Naming Your Uniform

It is a requirement of all of our schools that your child’s name is clearly marked on all garments. For boarding schools, sewn-in name tapes (as opposed to iron-on) are compulsory.

At Billings & Edmonds we are able to supply high quality name tapes and if required, sew them in (referred to as “marking”) to all B&E purchased items. We work closely with all our schools and understand their specific requirements for marking.

We strongly recommend that all garments are tried on prior to marking, as we usually do not refund or exchange a garment that has had a name tape sewn onto it, even if the size of the garment proves to be the incorrect size. However, for some unworn garments, we may be able to unpick the name tape (at a charge) and if the garment is undamaged and unblemished after the tape has been removed, we may, at our discretion, be able to refund or exchange it.

Packs of name tapes are available to buy on our website and in store. Each pack will contain a voucher code that can then be used to order your required name tapes online or via post with The National Weaving Company. The information you receive from your child’s new school should contain information as to how each garment should be named. Often local dry cleaning companies will sew name tapes onto school clothing, if you do not wish to do this yourself.

For items that you require us to mark in time for your child starting School in September, we would advise you to order name tapes as soon as possible and certainly no later than the first week of July. You should bring these name tapes with you when you attend our store for the kit-out appointment.

If we are marking your items, we are able to order name tapes on your behalf and have them delivered to one of our high streets stores (Eton, Chiswick or Harrow) ready for your appointment or attendance at the store. If you would like us to do so, then please contact the relevant store. In this instance, if your child’s school has specific requirements regarding the colour/font of name tapes, we will amend your order in line with these requirements prior to placing with The National Weaving Company.