We provide a comprehensive naming service for items purchased from any our High Street stores (Eton, Chiswick and Harrow). We sell high quality woven name tapes and if required, sew them in (referred to as “marking”) to all B&E purchased items at a set price per item. At present, this naming service is only available in store. When purchasing a garment in store, please inform the member of staff serving you that you would like it named.

It is a requirement of all of our schools that your child’s name is clearly marked on all garments and we work closely with each school in order to understand their specific regulations for marking. Please refer to the information supplied by your child’s school to ascertain what the school requires in relation to the naming of uniform and sportswear, but we may be able to assist in answering any queries you may have.

For items that you require us to mark in time for starting school in September, we would advise you to order name tapes as soon as possible and certainly no later than the first week of July.

If we are marking your items, we are able to order name tapes on your behalf and have them delivered to the appropriate branch, ready for your appointment/attendance at the store. If you would like us to do this, please contact the appropriate store by phone or email to order the name tapes.

In this instance, if your child’s school has specific requirements regarding the colour/font of name tapes, we will advise you to order in line with these requirements prior to placing your order for name tapes.

We strongly recommend that all garments are tried on prior to marking, as we do charge for unpicking name tapes and if the garment is damaged during the unpicking process, we are not able to exchange/refund it.

If purchasing uniform from one of our on-campus stores, please contact the shop manager directly, who will be able to provide information regarding local “marking” services.

Please note that many local dry cleaning stores offer alterations and naming services.