New School Enquiries

New School Enquiries

New School Enquiries

Billings & Edmonds Uniform

We work in partnership with your School in the design, sourcing and sale of new uniform to parents. This may involve designing an entirely new uniform or adding to or altering an existing uniform.

We understand that the needs and requirements of every School are different and our approach is flexible to meet your individual demands.

"Innovation backed by Tradition"

Established in 1896, Billings & Edmonds are one of the United Kingdom’s leading and most respected uniform suppliers. The expertise and knowledge acquired over a century of supplying uniform enables us to deliver uniform that is both distinctive and practical, reflecting the values of the School.

Key Features are:

  • Cost-Effective, Quality Uniform

    We supply durable well made uniform supplied by leading British manufacturers. Our garments are tried and tested.

    In partnership with the School we work to offer parents a uniform that is affordable and excellent value for money. As we are one of the country’s leading uniform providers we are able to secure competitive prices from our suppliers which we can pass onto parents.

    Our uniforms are designed to be neat, hard wearing and robust. We offer a wide and extensive range of garments from traditional items to modern styles, including performance sportswear using the latest technical fabrics.

    Our range includes blazers, knitwear, outerwear, sports kit, bags and other accessories.

  • Affordable Change

    We understand that the transfer to a new Supplier can offer the oppurtunity to change all or some of the uniform.

    We are pleased to work with the School, whether the uniform consists of a few garments or many.

    Many Schools provide some assistance to parents with a key item, for example a school bag. We will part fund a key item of uniform by offering it at a reduced cost. Alternatively parents may be offered vouchers that can be redeemed against the item. 

  • Free Design Service

    We aim to project and enhance the School and its image through intelligently branded uniform.

    We provide cost effective ideas and designs that will reinforce a strong and coherent uniform image for your School. We understand that often a new School may wish to reflect a new beginning and we are able to carry forward an existing uniform incorporating changes in logos, colours or style.

    Our design team can create from scratch a distinctive uniform for your School, which may range from a traditional uniform, including blazers and pullovers, to a contemporary uniform with a more relaxed feel. Co-ordinated sportswear can be developed which matches the uniform's brand colours and style.  The design process begins with an initial consultation to understand the School's requirements. Storyboards can be created and samples will be provided free of charge, as well as accurate and detailed costings.

  • Fast Implementation

    We are able to work at a pace that suits the School; whether involved in the design of a uniform during the early feasibility stages of a new School or delivering a uniform within a tight timetable during the final implementation of a uniform change.

  • Raising Revenue

    A percentage of sales made in the School shop and on-line may be paid to the School. Alternatively, the School may choose to forgo this revenue and we will reduce the cost of the uniform.

  • Uniform Shops within the School

    We can set up a uniform shop on site and fund the stock purchase and organise the ongoing buying of uniform from our Head Office. The shop will open at convenient times during the day, enabling parents and pupils to buy uniform when they want.

    Alternatively we also offer a mobile shop facility; several times a year our expert staff can bring school uniform, sportswear and other stock to the School and operate a pop-up shop with a fully functioning till.

  • On Line Uniform Shops

    Each School gets its own dedicated department within our website, featuring all uniform requirements.

We welcome any new enquiries.  For further information or advice please contact us via our link below or call our Head Office on 01753 818290.

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