Research and Campaigns by the Schoolwear Association

In 2017, the Schoolwear Association continued to campaign in the media and online for every child to have a good quality uniform.

It commissioned a poll of teachers and an in-depth study by a respected child psychology team to provide evidence of uniform’s benefits. The survey found…

  • A majority of teachers think more children have mental health issues than five years ago with more than half saying cyber bullying is on the rise.
  • Most teachers also think kids face increased pressure about fashion and appearance with eight out of ten saying good school uniform could help reduce bullying and prevent victimisation based on a child’s economic background
  • Teachers believe it’s important for schools to set ‘boundaries’ and that good school uniform reinforces those boundaries

Meanwhile, research carried out for the Association with schoolchildren reinforced teachers’ views that school uniform has significant benefits for wellbeing in young people.

The study by Family Kids and Youth revealed fascinating insights into how uniform helps to reduce children’s anxiety about their appearance and fitting in with their peers, as one Year Nine student told the researchers: “With uniform, you can’t be judged. Without uniform, everyone would be competing about what the style is, what the trend is, what you need to wear. I think there’d be more bullying as well and it would be more stress in the morning.”

Many of the young people interviewed said they would feel under pressure to wear branded clothing to fit in, and to avoid being bullied, if there was no uniform. This could pose problems, not only for those who could not afford expensive brands but also for those who could, as they could be labelled rich kids.

The research backed up the idea that uniform can put children in the right mind-set for school. One Year Seven boy commented: “Imagine sitting in a maths lesson wearing your own clothes. I don’t feel like I’d do much work in the whole day if I didn’t have to wear uniform.”

Dr Barbie Clarke, lead researcher for Family Kids and Youth, said: “School uniform seems to play an important role in establishing identity among young people of this age. It can protect adolescents from being picked on. This creates a greater degree of self-confidence, and ultimately helps with the fundamental adolescent need to be accepted by others.”

David Burgess, Chairman of the Schoolwear Association:

“At a time when young people are under more pressure than ever to buy into fashion and ‘look right’, we wanted to find out the role that uniform plays in children’s well-being in school. It is clear that both teachers and young people think uniform helps students to feel they belong. It has a role in reducing bullying and establishing children’s identity within the boundaries set by their school. We think every child deserves that.”

These studies follow previous research by the Association, showing that uniform contributes to improved learning, better behaviour and greater safety. The Association has produced studies proving that uniform is excellent value for money when compared with out-of-school children’s clothing.

In 2017, the Association also highlighted the traditional place of uniform in UK education, with an online feature on its history, reviewing changing ideas about what children should wear to school leading up to the current trend towards smarter outfits. This turned out to be one of the most popular items on its blog, Facebook and Twitter pages where the Association also posted content marking anti-bullying week.

In 2019, the Association launched its “Every Child is Worth It” campaign.

“We’ve always believed in the positive power a school-specific uniform has on a child’s mental health, concentration and inclusion. This is why we have launched our campaign called Every Child is Worth It, which highlights the benefits of a school uniform. We know that a uniform creates a sense of community, promoting equality and cohesion and helping pupils to succeed academically.

As well as this, with our young people facing the relatively new challenge and influence of social media, we do not want our children to feel under more pressure to wear something different and make a statement every day - in a way that distracts them from their work. Our research, conducted with Oxford Brookes University, also highlights the impact an effective uniform can have on reducing the levels of bullying within schools.

Source: Schoolwear Association Website