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Westminster Under School

Westminster Under School

Billings & Edmonds are proud to have been serving the school community of Westminster Under School for many years.

The uniform and sportswear for Westminster Under School is stocked and sold by our Chiswick Store, as well as online.  Any queries regarding the uniform and sportswear should be directed to that store, please call 020 8742 0201 or email the store.

We offer a personal fitting-out service for new pupils by appointment during June and July and to use this service, please click on the “book an appointment” tab on the top left of this page.  You may wish to consider ordering name tapes prior to your appointment.  We regret that we are unable to take appointments in August, as the store gets so busy during that month.

For a copy of the School’s Uniform List, please click on the link below:

Westminster Under School Uniform List

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